License Category A2 Automatic

(motorcycle ≤ 35 kW)

The driving licence category A2 automatic entitles you to drive following vehicles:

All those vehicles must be equipped with an automatic transmission.

The minimum age for applying to a driving school for this driving licence is:

- 17 years and a half.

Documents required for the application for a driving licence of the category A2:

If you are not 18 years old at the time of application:

The number of theory lessons required to be taken at a driving school :

If you fail the theory test, you must repeat half the mandatory theory hours, before retaking it.

The minimum number of practical lessons required to be taken at a driving school:

If you fail the practical test, you must take at least 8 one-hour practical lessons.

Extension from A1 to A2:

You must have held a category A1 licence for at least 2 years.
A theoretical and a practical training course of at least 7 hours provided by a driving school is required,
but without theoretical or practical test!

Issue of the driving licence :

After passing the practical test, you will receive a document allowing you to drive a vehicle
of the category A2 on the national territory before receiving a final licence within 2 weeks.