The driving school Cloche d'Or is unfortunately not able
to accept refresher courses for the moment.

Refresher Course

Who is the support course for?

Everyone, who's:

  • - Not feeling confident enough on the road;
  • - Wishing to improve their ecological driving;
  • - Interested in a risk prevention training;
  • - Interested in perfecting certain maneuvers such as reverse parking;
  • - Having a foreign driving license
    and who wish to become more confident with the luxembourgish Highway Code,

has the possibility to follow with us
personalized courses for safe travel on the road.

See you at the driving school Cloche d'Or for more information and registration.

Please bring:

- your luxemburgish driving license,
- or the proof that your driving licence is registered at the SNCA,
- and your ID card or Passport.