License Category BE

(trailer >750kg)

The driving licence category BE is required for driving:

  • - A trailer which Maximum Allowable Mass (MMA) of the assembly
    (vehicle + trailer) is between 4250 kg and 7000 kg.

    • - The Maximum Allowable Mass of the tractor cannot exceed 3500 kg;
    • - The Maximum Allowable Mass of the trailer cannot exceed 3500 kg either.

Documents required for the application for a driving licence of the category BE:

  • - A recent passport photograph (taken from the front) in 45 × 35 mm format;
  • - A copy of your valid ID card/passport;
  • - A copy of your driving license;

The training is composed of:

  • - 2 theoretical hours and 4 practical hours;

- The theoretical test precedes the practical test and it will be held during the practical test.